Long-term parking

You can park for a long time cheaply with a monthly parking agreement.
The agreement is a good alternative to, for example, street parking.

Long-term parking

Rataparkissa voit pysäköidä edullisesti myös sopimuspysäköinnillä. Tämä on erinomainen vaihtoehto esim. taloyhtiön kadunvarsipysäköinnille.

The price of the parking permit is 90.00 €/month (including VAT).

When you park in Tikkuparkki with a monthly agreement you must put the parking permit to a visible place in the car. The permit is obtained when the parking agreement has been concluded. You will also receive a plastic key card for the doors.

Invoicing information

For long-term parking invoicing matters, please contact us by

email pysakointilaskutus@vantaa.fi
phone 0438258185 (Melina Pajunen).

Access to parking hall

The access door to the car park is located on the left-hand side of the ramp in Ratakuja. The door is kept open every day at 6.00–20.00.
It is forbidden to use the car park's ramp for pedestrian traffic. The ramp can be slippery and is reserved only for vehicles.

Additional information

For more information on contract parking, please contact by email: sopimus@pysakointihallinta.fi or by calling to
050 408 4855 ark. 08.00–16.00.

Interested in monthly parking agreement?

Print and fill out the application. Send the signed application as an attachment via email to pysakointilaskutus@vantaa.fi

Uusien sopimusten käsittelyaika on noin viisi (5) vuorokautta

Avaa sopimuspysäköinnin irtisanomislomake tästä.