Ratakuja Pysäköinti’s customer service

Suomen Pysäköinninhallinta Oy is responsible for Ratakuja Pysäköinti’s customer service and technical property management. The customer service's phone number is
050 408 4855 (24/7)

In case of problems, you can also contact our customer service by using the toll-free intercom by the access door.

Property maintenance

Property maintenance Kirvesniemi Oy

Long-term parking

For more information on long-term parking call 050 408 4855 (24/7) or send an email to

Contract parking invoicing information

For long-term parking invoicing matters, please contact us by

phone 0406536215 (Olga Gidrevich).

Ratakujan pysäköinti Oy

Ratakuja 3
01300 Vantaa